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Should I buy bras online?

In a time now when everything is available online, who wants to visit stores anymore especially when it comes to shopping for apparels. And bras are no exception. You may want to avoid the long wait in the queue outside the changing room or the prying eyes of the shop owner or simply because you often feel pressured into buying something at a store. It may seem tempting to compare prices of bras online or make use of coupons to buy but honestly, it’s more of an annoyance to buy bras online and here’s why :

Finding the right size

Since bra manufacturers do not have a consensus in sizing and grading, bra sizes vary immensely across different brands and even different styles in the same brand. This means while you may fit in 34B in one brand, you might need 32D in another style or 36 A in yet another brand. You can buy bras online only if you know your correct size in a certain brand and certain style. If not, you will be caught in an incessant loop of exchanges, leaving you frustrated and wasting more time instead of saving any.

Difficult returns

A lot of online services like Amazon do not accept returns of any inner wear apparel including bras and lingerie due to hygiene reasons. Retailers available online and offline may insist return of goods to the channel it was originally purchased from. While Myntra offers 30 day returns, bras are only returnable and not exchangeable 🤔 Is it just me or does something seem wrong to you as well there? Was it a typo or did they just use the two words interchangeably?

No refunds

A lot of online services refund money as credit in the wallet without informing the client that that is what they mean by refunds. And if they happen to sell only bras, you might be in a very tight spot not knowing what else to buy from them.

Bad customer service

A few online retailers are quite infamous for their bad customer service – from no response to emails and phone calls to unwarranted delays in deliveries to delay in refunds of up to 2-3 months. In fact, several online stores have 80% negative reviews on Trustpilot and

No fit advice

Since most of the online players are a marketplace rather than being specialty stores, they have little to zero knowledge on the kind of product they are selling and its fit. This can often leave you in lurch for good fit advice.

Buying bras online can leave you with a very sour experience. And while online shopping was supposed to make buying bras fun and hassle-free, they’ve only added further to our frustration. Where do you shop your lingerie - online or offline? How has your online shopping experience been? It would be great if you shared your experience in the comments below.

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