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Virtual Lingerie Consultation

From the comfort of your home, online video consultation

45 - 60 mins + 15 mins + 15 mins

₹ 2,000

(₹1,000 redeemable)

Skip the traffic and avail our premium offering : Virtual Lingerie Consultation - bra-fitting from the comfort of your home over 3 video call sessions. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • a bra fitting consultation with our Bra-Fit Expert over video call

  •  2 follow-ups to assess the fit of the bra you bought

  • ₹1000 credit to purchase your first bra with us (valid if used within 7 days from consultation) 

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What is a Virtual Lingerie Consultation?

Bands & Cups' virtual lingerie consultation is very similar to a doctor's consultation during which the Bra Fit Expert will:

  • Diagnose the areas your current bra is lacking in

  • Guide you to take a couple of measurements

  • Perform a comprehensive size & shape analysis

  • Match you with your perfect fitting bra aligning with your lifestyle and requirements

After the consultation, you will receive your correct fitting bra. Get on a quick follow-up call with the Bra-Fit expert who will

  • explain how to wear the bra

  • assess the fit of your new bra

92% times the first bra is a great fit. In the rare 8% cases, the Bra Fit expert will suggest alternate size and facilitate exchange of the bra.

The idea is very simple - we do all the mind work and handhold you until you find your best fitting bra.


Fill in

your details


Book Appointment


Consult to get recommendations


Order your awesome bras


Book follow-up to confirm fit

Check out our video to learn more about what virtual lingerie consultations.

How does a Virtual Lingerie Consultation work? 
Hear from our customers
  • Can I just walk-in to your studio?
    We want to make sure we give you all attention that you need, so we decided to create a schedule that makes sure that we have dedicated trained personnel at your service. Please book visit here
  • What is a professional bra fitting?
    It is a service which advices on how to select proper size and model of a bra for each shape and size.
  • Where can I add my FAQs?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • Why do I have to pay for the consultation ?
    Bands & Cups offers high-quality, personalized one-on-one consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each client. The fees we charge enables us to continue providing top-notch service, and invest in all the mind work so you have your perfectly fitting bra.
  • Will I have to undress during the call? / I'm concerned about an online bra-fitting.
    We want you to enjoy your virtual fitting and know it's a safe space. A virtual consultation with a Bands & Cups Bra Fit Expert takes place online over a Zoom video call. ​ Your privacy is our primary concern - the meeting is locked. It is a secure link which once locked cannot be joined even from another device by you. Your video call will never be recorded, and your Fit Expert is the only other person on the call. ​ It helps to assess the fit of your go-to bra but you will not be required to remove any clothing for the fitting unless you feel completely comfortable. Our Bra Fit Experts are always non-judgemental and are there to help you.
  • Why is a follow-up important?
    We have found follow-ups to be super important. They help assess the fit of the bra and resolve fit issues in real-time. During the follow-up, Bra Fit Expert will explain how to put on the bra. The expert will also instruct you to do certain activities and observe how the bra responds. If the fit is assessed to be unsatisfactory, the Fit expert will approve the bra for exchange.
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Booking Policy

1. The upfront fee helps us avoid no-show. 

2. Rescheduling is subject to availability of appointment slots. All rescheduling must be done at least 4 hrs prior to the appointment.

3. Redemptiono of credits towards purchase of bra is valid for 7 days from consultation.

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