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Demystifying bras

On top of being extremely technical garments, bras also fall under that gray area of tabooed topics that nobody wants to discuss about. Most women have very limited knowledge about bras. This leads to incorrect choices and the devastating impact these choices have on one’s posture and aesthetic.


Is it okay to wear a bra during pregnancy? Will my breasts sag if I don’t wear a bra? Which bra do I wear with my new off shoulder dress? Do bras cause breast cancer? What’s the relationship between band size and cup size? What’s a good fit? Are there any bras in J cup? Am I wearing the right bra? Of Bands and Cups is an attempt to answer all your bra-related queries.

More power to you – the consumer

By creating this resource, we are trying to tilt the balance in the favor of the consumer, giving more power to you. It is our mission to educate, or as we like to say, bra-ducate our clients and create a more informed consumer base. So that YOU can make an informed choice. So that you can take matters into your own hands. We are on a mission to not only uplift women but also empower them.

Getting the dialogue started  #chaipecharcha

It is our strong belief that by a seemingly small step such as talking openly, we can effect rather huge changes. We believe it’s important to speak our mind, to share our stories and struggles. To create a dialogue. To get the ball rolling. By talking about taboos – we’re making it normal. The new normal. A better normal. Creating a safer place for us and generations to come. 

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