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What is professional bra fitting?

It is a service which advices on how to select proper size and model of a bra for each shape and size.

Can I just come to your shop?

We want to make sure we give you all attention that you need, so we decided to create a schedule that makes sure that we have dedicated trained personnel at your service. Please book visit here LINK


How long it takes?

If you are looking for one type of a bra normally it will take no longer than 1h, however if you are looking for more different products, like swim wear or sports bra we can schedule longer sessions


Why do I need a fitting service?

80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Getting the perfect fit not only can make you look better but can help get better posture, reduce back-pain, and give comfort. Yes, even underwire bras can be comfortable if they are well-fitted.

I already took a fitting session. Do I need it again?

Our body changes with time and our breast also. Often wearing a better fitted bra will change the condition of our breast, so if from some time that you have your first well fitted lingerie it is still good to come bac and check if the fit is still the perfect one.

How can I contact you?

You can write to us an email:

WhatsApp message: +91 9940477742


We will be happy to chat with you and you can be assured you won’t be talking to a chat bot ;)

Where can I find you?

Address and google maps link to location

If I am not in your city, how can I get your help?

We currently provide in-person fittings in Chennai and virtual fittings in select cities. If your city isn’t listed, write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as your city pops up on our schedule.

We want to help as many women as we can, so we also organize travel fitting sessions in different cities. We need a minimum 20 booked appointments to cover the cost of coming to your town. You could help us reach this number by spreading the word.



I am a new client, can I order from you online?

Even though that seems like the most convenient approach it is not providing the guarantee of a good fit which is our mission. Please visit us first to help us get to know you and your needs better. You won’t regret this 😉. If you absolutely can't, try our virtual bra-fitting service here.

I am your customer, can I order online?

If you would like to order same type of a model but in different colors/finishing from the same brands that we already assisted you in selecting, then yes, we will be happy to provide you with your new order. Please email/whatsapp us for details. However, if you would like to try something new, then we invite you for a visit in person.

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