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Mastering the Art of Bra Shopping: 4 Expert Tips for Your Perfect Fit and Ideal Bra Size!

Embarking on the quest for the perfect bra fit? You're not alone. We delved into the preferences of over 50 women, and guess what they all unanimously declared as their top priority when shopping for a bra? It's all about the "fit." Interestingly, when we dug a little deeper, most struggled to articulate what, precisely, makes a bra well-fitted. Fear not! In this guide, we'll dissect the key elements to consider when buying a new bra.

Let's streamline the process with straightforward steps to ensure you snag the right fit.

Step #1 - Check the cups for spillage and breast peeps.

Your first mission? Confirm that your breasts are snugly contained—no spills, no peeps, definitely no bulges or the unwanted quadboob!

Use the scoop and swoop method to place your breasts properly in the cups. Gently gather your breast tissue inwards, starting from the side below your arms (under the armpit), and under the breasts. This lifts and brings all the breast tissue forward.

💡ProTip: "Channel your inner Beyoncé and add a little jiggle to double-check that your breasts stay firmly within the cup confines"

Step #2 - Check to make sure the centre panel / the gore is sitting flat on your sternum.

The gore (or the centre panel) of the your bra that you're trying on, should sit FLAT on the sternum. The gore separates the breasts and gives them a rounder shape. If the gore is sitting on the breasts, or floating between them, then the bra size is not correct.

💡ProTip: "Do a little 'Bend and Snap' and watch the position of the gore. If it doesn't move and stays flat on the sternum, you may move to the next step."

Step #3 - Make sure the band is snug and parallel to the floor.

The band should be neither too tight nor too loose. You may want to make sure that you can put no more than two thumbs between your body and the band. Say, you can’t pull it more than 4 cm away. And no, you don’t need a ruler to do that!

Always clasp the bra in the loosest hook while trying it on. That way, as the bra stretches out with time, you can move in and tighten the band for a perfect fit.

💡ProTip: Raise both your arms and do a bhangra move. Check to see that the band does not ride up the back, the breasts don't spill out from the bottom, and it is comfortable enough for you to dance in!"

Step #4 - Adjust the straps.

Make sure that you can move no more two fingers freely under your shoulder strap and pull your band not more than 2 cm away from the body. No matter the size, a good bra must be able to provide your girls a good lift without putting all the weight on your shoulders. In fact, shoulder straps are responsible for only 10% of the support.

💡ProTip: "Loosen the shoulder straps and lower them. Your bra band should be able to provide most of the support even without the straps."

The final step is asking yourself, do you feel comfortable and beautiful in the bra? If the answer is not an emphatic yes, then you may still be wearing the wrong size. It's always a good idea to schedule a bra-fitting at least once every year and before major life events to check if your bra is still the correct size.

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