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5 Common Bra Problems and How to Fix Them

Updated on 8 Mar, 2023

Do you have a nagging feeling that your bra is not right for you? Are you constantly uncomfortable or in pain? Perhaps you never paid much attention to it or did not know whom to ask. Here are 5 common bra problems and tips on how to solve them, from a certified bra-fit expert.

Picture showing how breast spillage from the top of a bra cup looks like

Bra Problem #1: "My breasts are spilling out of my bra."

Are your breasts bulging out from the top of the cup so much that it appears as if you have four boobs? The blame is often landed on demi-cup bra or plunge bras. But the style of a bra has little to do with spillage. It happens because there isn’t enough room in the cups for your breasts, and they spill out.

How to fix it.

You need to go up in the cup size. That means if you are in a C-cup, move to a D-cup or an E-cup.

Red marks, cuts, bruises from bra shoulder strap

Bra Problem #2: "My bra causes bruises on my shoulders."

This normally happens when bra straps dig into the shoulder. When our bra fails to support and provide lift to our bust, we find ourselves tightening the shoulder straps. This puts undue pressure on the shoulders and may cause chafing and bruises.

How to fix it.

Wearing thicker straps for greater support might seem logical but the true fix lies in wearing the correct band size. Remember that in a good-fitted bra, 90% of the support comes from the band and only 10% is left to the shoulder straps.

Redness, rashes and itchiness in the underboob region

Bra Problem #3: "The area under my breasts is always itchy."

We often stick to loose ill-fitting bras for comfort. Too loose a band allows friction between the bust and torso, the place where normally the bra band sits. In hot climate, this region accumulates sweat and bacteria. The sweat, the friction and the bacteria result in itchiness.

How to fix it.

Go down one or more band sizes. The right size band will lift your boobs away from the body, which means no sweat, no friction and no itchy underboobs.

Side-view of a torso where underwire of the bra is poking on the side

Bra Problem #4: "The underwire bra is digging into me."

If you dread underwires, you are not alone. 70% of the women we spoke to, had never worn a wired bra or didn’t want to anymore. Underwires can be hurtful when their placement, shape or size is not right. This can result in underwire sitting on top of your breast tissue and and poking all day long. Ouch! That does not mean underwire bras are not for you.

How to fix it.

Get advice from a bra-fit expert to find the right shape and size of underwire that works for you.

Bra Problem #5: "I can't find the right bra size."

A lot of us know that we are in a completely lopsided bra, but no matter how many brands and bras we try on, it looks like the market doesn’t have anything for us. When we do find a bra with cups that fit, the band is loose, and when the band fits well, we’re spilling out of the cups.

How to fix it.

Look for bras with small band and large cups.

If your retailer has led you to believe that bras are meant to be uncomfortable or that this discomfort is normal, it's time to rethink whom you shop with! Well-fitted bras can be supremely comfortable. You just need a professional bra-fitter who understands your body and can match you with your perfectly-fitting and comfy bra. Let us know what bra issues are you facing and hit us up if you're looking for some matchmaking in the bra department.

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