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Chennai Selflove Weekend

30 mins

₹ 700

₹ 1,000

Celebrating the awesomeness of body and making sure you're in tip top shape! 💖
Get ready to give yourself the love and care you have deserved. Join us for 'Chennai Selflove Weekend' !

Here’s what’s included:

  • 1:1 bra fitting consultation
    4 in every 5 women wear the wrong size! Ill-fitting bras have been a reason for causing backache, shoulder pain, neck pain, poor posture, unsupported sagging breasts and negative body image. 

  • Get up-to 2 FREE bra-fitting follow-ups (10mins) in 2024


Understanding Bra fitting Consultation

How does bra-fitting consultation work?

Discover the art of personalized bra fitting with Bands & Cups. Join our one-on-one consultation led by a skilled Bra Fitter who will diagnose any concerns with your current bra, perform a detailed size and shape analysis, and expertly match you with a bra that perfectly complements your lifestyle and preferences.

Concluding the consultation, you will have:

  • Discovered your ideal fitting bra

  • Acquired insights into the proper way to wear a bra

  • Gained the knowledge to distinguish a well-fitted bra

Check out our video to learn more about what goes on in our consultations.

Importance of bra-fitting 
Beyond the age of 25, a well-fitted bra offers corrective benefits for common issues such as back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, poor posture, and breast pain. For those under 25, wearing a well-fitted bra serves as a proactive measure, helping to stave off these conditions and promote a positive body image.

For whom a bra fitting consultation will benefit ?

All women and breast-owners, particularly those who are:

  • Heavy-busted

  • Plus-size/mid-size

  • Breastfeeding

  • Experiencing breast pain during exercise

  • Confused about their bra size

  • Curious about the fitting process

are advised to consider a bra-fitting consultation for maximum benefit.

With every booking a 1:1 bra fitting this weekend, avail additional benefits from Bands & Cups

  • Up to 2 free follow-ups (10mins) in 2024

  • 10% off on your custom fit swimwear

  • Up to ₹1,000 off on purchase of 4 bras or more!

How Does A Bra-Fitting Consultation Work? 


Bands and Cups Fit Lounge

5A Thiru Vi Ka 1st Lane,

Mylapore, Chennai,

Tamil Nadu - 600004

Cancellation Policy

1. The upfront fee helps us avoid no-show. The booking is non-refundable.

2. Rescheduling is subject to availability of appointment slots. All rescheduling must be done at least 2 hrs prior to the appointment.

3. Transfer of booking is possible upto 2hrs prior to the appointment. Please reach out to our team at +91 73057 02228.

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