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Boob Love Weekend

Dates: 16 - 17 Dec, 2023

  • 45 minutes
  • 1,200 Indian rupees
  • Koramangala, Bengaluru


This weekend we are celebrating the wellness of your breasts and providing them with all the support they deserve in collaboration with Proactive for Her. For this Boob Love weekend, you get 40% off when bundling: - a clinical breast exam by a non-judgemental gynaecologist at Proactive for Her; and - an in-person bra fitting service by Bands & Cups' professional bra fitter Bra-Fitting Consultation Ill-fitting bras can have a devastating impact on your physical and mental health - shoulder pain, backache, slouching posture, no lift or support to breasts. We understand the pain of bad bras. Because we have been there! Bras don't have to be confusing. Let our Bra Fit Experts guide you and un-complicate bras for you. Our one-on-one lingerie fitting experience is designed to diagnose and mitigate your specific concerns with your bra. - You'll be educated and empowered with an important life-skill. Plus, you'll never have to waste money on bad bras again. - You’ll have an opportunity to 'try and buy' a custom bra designed just for you. Rest assured you'll leave feeling confident and in love with your body again. After your first size & style evaluation, you will have access to Bands & Cups VIP online store. You will then be able to order your custom bras at the click of a button from your personal space. Clinical Breast Exam Who will be conducting the examination? The clinical breast examination will be conducted by a skilled gynaecologist at Proactive For Her. Why is this examination necessary? A clinical breast examination is a crucial component of proactive healthcare, administered by a trained professional capable of identifying various abnormalities and warning signs. This examination is a proactive measure to ensure the early detection of potential health issues. Who should undergo this examination? This examination is recommended for all women. Given that breast cancer ranks as the most prevalent cancer among Indian women, this proactive approach is essential for maintaining optimal breast health. When should you consider this examination? If you experience any of the following symptoms, it is highly advisable to seek a clinical breast examination: Painless lump in the breast Nipple inversion Nipple discharge Lump in the armpit Remaining vigilant and promptly addressing these symptoms through a clinical breast examination contributes significantly to early detection and effective management of potential health concerns. By appointment only.

Booking Policy

1. The upfront fee helps us avoid no-show. Being a bundled offering, the booking is non-refundable. 2. Rescheduling is subject to availability of appointment slots. All rescheduling must be done at least 2 hrs prior to the appointment. 3. Transfer of booking is possible upto 2hrs prior to the appointment. Please reach out to our team at +91 73057 02228.

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